Umbrella Bases

For each umbrella, depending on the way of fixing it on the ground, there are available 3 categories of bases: Movable, Metallic bases with flange and In ground bases.

The movable bases, depending of the size of the umbrella, are either made of white concrete in various weights, or metal frames where can be placed standard plates with dimensions 40x40cm or 50x50cm. The metallic bases with flange are offering constant fixing and are screwing in properly arranged ground. The in ground bases are made in 2 parts. One part is fixing in the ground and the other is screwed at the first. Additionally, there are available in ground bases, for beach umbrellas in the sand.

Umbrella Bases Category Umbrella’s Pole Dimension
Cement base 25 kg Movable Ø32mm – Ø40mm
Cement base 35 kg Movable Ø32mm – Ø40mm – Ø50mm
Cement base 50 kg Movable Ø50mm
Cement base 65 kg Movable Ø50mm
Frame for tiles 40x40cm Movable Ø50mm
Frame for tiles 50x50cm Movable Ø100mm
Metallic base with flange Ø50mm Stable Ø50mm
Metallic base with flange Ø100mm Stable Ø100mm
In – ground metallic base Ø50mm In – ground Ø50mm
In – ground metallic base Ø100mm In – ground Ø100mm
In – ground metallic base for sand In – ground Ø32mm – Ø40mm