Screen Banners – Wind Protectors

METAL DESIGN Banners are stylish constructions made out of aluminium and fabric, providing an excellent image of the outdoor space of the patio, while offering protection from wind, dust etc. but at the same time, plenty of advertising space. They are manufactured in desired dimensions, under order, with maximum height of 1 meter and maximum length 2,50 meters per piece, and connected between them, adapt to any outdoor space. At their top, they have the possibility, when is necessary, to accept aluminium frames with transparent gelatin and act as wind – protectors, with maximum total height of 2 meters. Their bases can be either movable or fixed on the ground with screws, if that is allowed.

The Advantages of METAL DESIGN Banners are:

  • Aesthetically unique outdoor space that offers privacy with unlimited view.
  • Protection from wind and dust.
  • The outdoor space is more friendly accessible to families and children.
  • Unique appearance of the shop, especially if there is color combination with umbrellas or tents.
  • The patio seems neater and cleaner.
  • Extremely large and effective advertising space, either for the store’s logos or for logos of partners.
  • Possibility of using them for all the year, adding if you wish their top part.
  • If it is necessary renovation of the space, changing of the colors or of the promotional logos, can be changed only the fabric.