Side Protective Fabric Sheets for Umbrellas

The side protective fabric sheets or fabric combination with transparent gelatin, are protecting the space of umbrellas, from the wind, the cold and the rain. They are available in 4 different designs and they are very easily in placing them. The designs that are made out entirely of fabric can be printed and also function as advertising stands. They are recommended for Telescopic Extra Heavy Duty Umbrellas in dimensions 3,50×3.50m – 4,00×4,00m – 4.50×4.50m & 5,00×5,00m.

Umbrella Accessories

Rain Spouts

Between 2 or more square umbrellas a rain spout can be placed. It is made from fabric and aluminium rods attached with stainless steel clips. So, in case of rain all the area that is covered with the umbrellas remains waterproof. The installation and dismantling of the rain spouts is a very easy operation that takes only a few seconds.

Case Cover for Umbrellas

For each umbrella a fabric bag cover is available, suitable for storage and protection. Made of polyester waterproof fabric and the dimension depends on the size of umbrella.