Bases «Βlack Velvet Edition»

Black Velvet Edition”family, includes a certain range of Professional Umbrellas & Bases, whose the main characteristic is the black color of their frame, attachments and bases, which with the combination of black or dark fabrics, offers one in fashion and High Class choice.

Umbrella Bases Diameter of Umbrella Pole that fits
White Congrete 25kg Ø32 Ø40
White Congrete 35kg Ø32 Ø40
Frame for plates 50×50 Ø100 Ø50
Base for sand Ø32 Ø40
With flange diam. 100mm. Ø100
In-ground diam. 100mm. Ø100
Model / Dimension Coverage No of Ribs Main Pole Ribs Dimension Mechanism Air Duct
Ø2,20m. 3,14m2 6 Ø40×1,5mm 12x18x1,3mm 1 pulley Yes
4x4m. Tel. HT 16,00m2 8 Ø90x3mm / Ø100×7,5mm 20x40x2mm 3 Pulleys Yes
4,5×4,5m. Tel. HT 20,25m2 8 Ø90x3mm / Ø100×7,5mm 20x40x2mm 3 Pulleys Yes
5x5m. Tel. HT 25,00m2 8 Ø90x3mm /Ø100×7,5mm 20x40x2mm 3 Pulleys Yes